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Hopefully Small Dogs Group Walks Resume Soon

As things start to slowly open up again in Ontario, of course one of the things I’m keeping top of mind is when we can resume our small dogs group walks again. The city of Toronto is re-opening its leash free dog parks and Mississauga will follow soon. However, there has been a recent spike in new cases of COVID-19 so we are not in the clear just yet. Our events section here on this dog blog already has our entire summer season of outings with our small dogs group listed as well as the June month of whatever is our remaining spring season. But since the recovery process has still be pretty slow here in Ontario, we are going to make some revisions to our schedule.

Mississauga Small Dogs Group

After pretty well all of our 2020 spring season was robbed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our small dogs group is finally starting up again! Our first scheduled dog walk will be at Osprey Marsh on June 18 as a midweek early evening one followed by the weekend on June 20 at the Riverwood Conservancy as scheduled — see our Events section for details by clicking on the Small Dogs Group tab up at the top right of this blog page.

Small Dogs Walks Starts Up Again

Our small dogs group has officially started up again now that there are slightly looser restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic but as I expected, we’re off to a slow start as only two other dogs have joined my Lhasa Apso dog Roxie out for walks so far. I think we lost a lot of dog group members when we left the Meetup platform but despite numerous communication efforts to get them to move over to our Facebook dog group Life With Dogs & Puppies or right here on our dog blog, relatively few have made the move. Now that we are completely off Meetup, I think some members will lose us as they no longer know where to find our group since I do not have their contact information.

Evening Walks Most Enjoyable For Small Dogs

Our first official weekend outing for our small dogs group after the long pandemic isolation at Riverwood turned out to success with six of our dogs attending. My Lhasa Apso dog Roxie got to reunite with several of her doggie friends, all past participants from previous seasons. Everyone agreed that it was about time to have our small dogs reconnect with each other.

Guideline For Faster Small Dogs

When we started our small dogs group with my Lhasa Apso dogs Roxie and her late brother Chester years ago, we were usually always at the front leading the group of members and their dogs through the various trails. Now that my Roxie is older at 15 years of age, she has naturally slowed down and we find ourselves at the back of the group during our outings.

Small Dogs Group Starts Summer Schedule

Since our next outing for our small dogs group (for all dogs 25 pounds and under) in the Mississauga, Ontario area will be in July, this means that our summer schedule starts. This means that for our midweek walks on Thursday nights, instead of 7:30 pm, we’ll be starting at 8 pm in order to give a bit more time for hotter summer temperatures to cool down as well as to give working people a bit more time to get to the meeting spots.

Summer Small Dogs Group Schedule Changes

Just a quick note to announce that our small dogs group has changed days and times for our outings for the rest of the summer. For our midweek outings originally scheduled for Thursday nights, they will all now be running on Wednesday nights so make them truly midweek.

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