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PetPayShield is a simple escrow payments service which protects both the buyer and the seller in a transaction.

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PetPayShield. Your Safe Escrow-Style Payment Platform.

The PetPayShield escrow protection guarantees maximum security when conducting transactions between buyer & Seller.

  • Low cost, with no hidden fees
  • Full visibility of funds at all times so you know where your money is
  • A suite of fast and convenient local payment methods

We eliminate risk equally for buyers and sellers

with PetPayShield you can buy and sell dogs & Puppy worry-free.

PetPayShield - protects buyers and sellers against fraud

Buyer Protection

The seller does not receive the money until the buyer has received and verified the goods or service. The release must be made via the PetPayShield account of the buyer.

Seller Protection

The buyer cannot withdraw the money without the express consent of the seller. It is not necessary to pass on bank details to the buyer